Towed Implement Frame

Towed Implement Frame

The SISIS Towed Implement Frame is designed specifically for daily maintenance of artificial surfaces, keeping them in good playing condition and maximising surface life.

It is ideal for towing behind small compact garden tractors to ensure high quality care of artificial surfaces such as sports fields, golf courses and amenities.

Implements like slitters, spikers, brushes and rollers can be added to the frame making it highly versatile on fine and outfield turf. Quadraplay implements can be used with this machine even when hydraulic lift is not available.


SISIS Towed Implement Frame Specification

Towed single implement frame - manual lift
Towed single implement frame - electric lift
Twin implement extension arms
Specific Implements:
1.2m wide deep slitter (32 x D6951 tines)
1.2m wide spiker slitter
1.2m wide grooming rake
1.2m wide brush
1.3m wide flexicombe
Sports Fields Golf Amenity Synthetic 1.2m wide roller

Towed Implement Frame Features & Benefits

  • Implements can be used singly, or in pairs.
  • Enables Quadraplay implements to be used even when hydraulic lift is not available.
  • Specific 1.2m implements.

Towed Implement Frame Optional Items

Electric winch lift option for easy lifting without getting off the power unit.
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