Rotorake 600HD

The SISIS Rotorake 600HD is a heavy duty pedestrian scarifier and linear aerator, recommended by professionals.

It is a versatile machine that is equally at home when use for regular routine use at a shallow setting or a deeper setting when required.

It also contributes to aeration and compaction relief by cutting clean, continuous slits to assist water and air absorption.


SISIS Rotorake 600HD Specification

 Rotorake 600 HD
Code FS1246
Working width 600mm (24")
Engine Honda GX390
Working depth 30mm - with option to go deeper

Rotorake 600HD Features & Benefits

  • Contra rotating reels with specially designed tipped blades for a clean, consistent performance
  • Quick change reels for ultimate thatch control and removal all year round
  • User friendly operater presence contros designed for maximum operator safety
  • 6 forward speeds for efficiency under varying conditions and depth
  • Reverse gear for manoeuvrability
  • Incorporates independent drive to the wheels and reel

Rolaspike/Sarel Roller

Provides fast & effective surface aeration. Used during the playing season enables penetration of air, water and fertiliser.

2mm Scarifying/Saw Blade Reel

2mm replaceable, wear resistant tungsten tipped saw blades (24mm spacing). Ideal for pre and post playing season renovation work.

2mm Scarifying/Thatch Removal Reel

2mm replaceable, wear resistant tungsten tipped blades (20mm spacing). Ideal for pre & post playing season renovation work.

1mm Light Scarifying Reel

1mm replaceable, wear resistant tungsten tipped blades (12mm spacing) can be used throughout the season


Sharpened triangular blades (12mm spacing) used regularly throughout the playing season to control lateral growth and improve green speed.

Brush Reel

Used throughout the year for debris collection and clean up. Also used prior to mowing to stand grasses up and improve cut quality.

Faze-Mo Reel

Heavy duty reel used for removing unwanted surface matter such as thatch and weeds and surface levelling.
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