Hand Operated Tools


Hand Operated Tools

The wide range of Sisis hand operated tools will enable you to effectively maintain your artificial or synthetic pitch, with our range of brushes which are ideal for keeping playing surfaces ready for action at all times.

Drag Brush

The SISIS Drag Brush is a basic hand tool for natural and synthetic turf and hard porous surfaces. It can be used for a wide range of applications such as brushing cricket pitches, football pitches and rugby pitches. This heavy duty brush is for use on sand filled synthetics and hard porous surfaces and is ideal for brushing in top dressing.


The SISIS Combirake is a simple to use, dual purpose implement for use on small fine turf areas including bowling greens, croquet lawns and tennis courts. One side of this professional groundcare tool rakes the surfaces while the other brushes and are easily controlled – downward pressure is applied by gentle pressure on the handles. The implement is virtually maintenance free.


The SISIS Trulute is a reversible levelling grid for many uses on turf surfaces including football pitches, cricket pitches, rugby pitches and golf courses. The two sides of the Trulute have completely different profiles. One side has smooth edges for spreading top dressings and levelling. The other side has sharp edges for working in top dressings and maintenance such as cutting back high spots.

Aerdrain Fork

The SISIS Aerdrain Fork is a simple but effective tool for year round use on any natural turf surface. The Aerdrain Fork can be used as an aid to aeration and drainage on surfaces including football pitches, rugby pitches, cricket pitches and golf greens, fairways and tees. It is easy to use, transport and has four kinds of tines available for coring and drainage in particularly wet conditions.

Bray Hand Tools

The SISIS Bray Hand Tools are ideal for overseeing and aerating small areas on bowling greens, tennis courts, golf greens, tees and ornamental lawns. Its interchangeable heads between slotter and spiker offer versatility and a saving of 50 percent of grass seed when overseeding using the slotter. The Bray hand tools encourage rapid germination and stronger growth, enabling no loss of play and no top dressing required. They are simple to store and maintain.

Drag Mat

The SISIS Drag Mat is a hand operated dragmat for use on both natural turf and synthetic turf. It is a useful hand tool on small areas for rubbing in dressings, and routine surface renovation on hard porous pitches. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including football, rugby and cricket pitches. It can be used on fine and outfield turf and can also be drawn behind a tractor, or in conjunction with a top dresser.

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