Football | Hockey | Rugby Pitch Maintenance


Football | Hockey | Rugby Pitch Maintenance

The SISIS range offers all the tools you need for effective football ground maintenance, rugby pitch maintenance and hockey pitch maintenance – from aerators and scarifiers to line markers and brushes.


Hand Operated Tools

The wide range of Sisis hand operated tools will enable you to effectively maintain your artificial or synthetic pitch, with our range of brushes which are ideal for keeping playing surfaces ready for action at all times.



The SISIS Dragmat is a towed dragmat with a working width of 270 cm (9 feet) used for a wide variety of surfaces and applications. It is suited to sports fields – from football fields to hockey and rugby pitches. Fast, effective matting-in of sand, top dressings and fertilisers is provided by the dragmat.


Ride On Brushes

SISIS ride-on brushing systems Robbi and Brush-Pro comprise mid-mounted oscillating brush units and rear-mounted brushes which are ideal for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance.


Tractor Mounted Brushes

The versatility of Sisis tractor-mounted brushes Flexibrush and Varibrush means they are an ideal tool for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance.


Tractor Mounted Powered Brushes

The SISIS Osca 3 is a tractor mounted oscillating brush that is equally effective on natural and synthetic turf. This means it is ideally suited for a range of requirements from artificial pitches to sports fields, cricket grounds, golf courses as well as amenity and ornamental lawn care.


Implement Frames

The SISIS Towed Implement Frame is designed specifically for daily maintenance fo artificial surfaces, keeping it in good playing condition and maximising surface life. Ideal for towing behind small compact garden tractors.


Implement Mounted Frames

Single pass maintenance system incorporates a mounted frame which accepts a variety of different implements for use on both turf and hard porous surfaces. It is a popular choice for important artificial and synthetic turf maintenance tasks.



The SISIS Variseeder 1300 is a versatile tractor-mounted seeder that is ideal for sports field turf maintenance. Its seeding rate is variable and is simple and accurate to set by Zero-Max box lending itself well to use on football pitches hockey pitches and rugby pitches.


Spreaders & Top Dressers

The SISIS Truspred is a hand operated seeder and top dresser that is the choice of professionals looking after lawn bowling greens, croquet lawns and grass tennis courts. It is simple to set spreading rates with Truspred and its carrier wheels permit spread right to the edge of bowling greens.


Tractor Mounted Sweepers

The SISIS Litamina 1200 and SSS1000 are the ideal sweepers for artificial and synthetic turf. The Litamina is a compact sweeper/collector which ensures your sports pitch is ready for play while the SSS1000 is a rotary brush for use on artificial turf surfaces to remove debris.


Tractor Mounted Scarifiers

The SISIS Veemo Mk2 and Rotorake TM1000 tractor mounted scarifiers are used for maximum thatch removal and offer fast ground coverage, ideal for large sports fields such as football pitches, rugby pitches and hockey pitches.


Pedestrian Scarifiers

The SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk.5 and Sisis Rotorake 450 are versatile powered scarifiers that are ideal for key artificial and synthetic pitch maintenance tasks.


Pedestrian Aerators

Powered aerators keep bowling greens, croquet lawns and tennis courts in prime condition and SISIS offer the Supaturfman and Dart for your fine turf requirements. The Supaturfman and Dart are independently powered and include a choice of interchangeable tines.


Tractor Mounted Aerators

The SISIS range of tractor-mounted aerators comprises four machines which are suitable for sports field maintenance. The Multitiner 1.8m, Multitiner 1.2m, Mounted Rolaspike and Javelin Aer-Aid are versatile machines which can be used for football pitch, hockey pitch and rugby pitch turf maintenance. The Multitiner machines are tractor-mounted drum aerator, the Rolaspike is a tractor-mounted Sarel type roller and the Javelin is a vertical action, air-injection aerator.


Powered Slitters

The SISIS Autoslit is a deep slitter suitable for use on fine or outfield turf, making it ideal for sports field, golf course and amenity turf maintenance. It has a deep slitting action with minimal surface marking. This versatile machine offers a choice of interchangeable tines to suit different ground conditions and incorporates a rear smoothing roller.


Tractor Mounted Deep Slitters

SISIS Megaslit, Maxislit and Multislit are deep slitters suitable for use on fine or outfield turf. Their deep clean slitting action with minimal surface marking are ideal for football pitch, hockey pitch and rugby pitch maintenance requirements.

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